100 Trains of Thought: 2. Frank

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 21.54.39Words and Image by Billie Jenkins

It was only in the third and final stage of his life that Frank’s obsession evolved from an occasional luxury  to a routine conducted with eccentric precision. He had always been preoccupied by beautiful objects, in his youth he would spend the little hard earned money he had only a few items. When he was sixteen he spent three months of saturday wage on a single pair of loafers, which he wore with a second hand suit costing less than a tenth of that price. The first week after he bought them he walked with a firm, unwavering smile and a newly found swagger.

When he was living as a gay man married to a women he was too sidetracked by his desire to fill the shoes of a straight man married to a women, and the search for flawless design was overwhelmed by a sense of domestic obligation. Then the eighties happened, making him a freer man who was no longer afraid to be gay, and a second youth ensued. Now in the last period of his life he had resumed his preoccupation with beauty in object. He had taken on his role as an aged and confirmed bachelor with the attention of a Fitzgerald charecter. He took tea every morning at 7.15am on his bedroom balcony from the same china teacup. Each weekday he ate his dinner at the French restaurant in the old district. He always kept a Leuchtturm1917 notebook with him as he ate, and used the same pen he had done for the last eleven years. They were ordered in from Japan at great expense.


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