100 Trains of Thought: 3. Rev. John S. Whitaker

photo-6Words and Image by Billie Jenkins

Rev John S. Whitaker can be seen outside his suburban church every Saturday spreading the word of God. He knows church isn’t ‘cool’ these days, but he’s got a glimmer in his eye and a fast way of talking that hypnotises the crowds and makes the hockey mums blush as he preaches the book of Rvalations over coffee and cake. At Sunday service they stand, they shout, they stamp, and they sing. Afterwards he wipes his brow with this scarf, pours himself a large whiskey and contemplates. When he began this religious path he envisioned a pilgrimage of sorts, a journey of enlightenment that led him closer and closer to God. He was never sure about when or why the change came, but the money was more real than the voices of the Bible. Even the closest members of the congregation were blissfully unaware of his ex-wife and family living three states over, the quart of liquor he drank before each sermon, or the growing bill of missed child payment support. No-one ever mentioned the expensive car he drove, or his flirtations with town politicians. In fact the crowds kept growing, wilder and wilder, clinging to each word. What was a saviour supposed to drive anyway? A Honda?


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