Corinne& was founded by Elizabeth Pollard and Billie Jenkins after bubbling beneath the surface for over four years. A combination of hours spent in South London cafés, early morning wine, and a mutual passion that bold, intelligent, beautiful parts of our culture should be shared lay behind its conception in 2014. It is a strange kind of journey which leads two people whose hearts are so smitten by print to these online halls, yet with a commitment to producing a quarterly edition, we hope to explore how the two mediums can be balanced to provide the most interesting reader experience. Let us romance you, we’ll show you some wonderful things.

Based in London, but with international contributors, our aim is to build a network that allows creatives to collaborate, converse and inspire. Showcasing the amazing work happening in the Corinne& community, and building a directory of artists we think you should be watching out for lies at the heart of this magazine. Explore, you might find something you really love.

We’re currently on the hunt for some more regular contributors, and as always we would love to take on board your submissions and ideas, please contact us at submissions@corinneand.com. Let’s Play!