200 Icons


Words by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of Classic Rock

Classic Rock is not a magazine I have ever thought of buying. During the days, maybe even weeks, I’ve spent flickering through rows of beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) printed paper goodies at train stations newsagents, bookshops, cafés and libraries, it never even crossed my mind. Yet a few days a go I found myself drawn magpie like to the shiny gold peeping out between a lacklustre NME and Jake Bugg’s face. The 200th edition of the 16 year old publication is special. It has 200 interviews with some of the most iconic people in music/rock history. Slash, Lars Ulrich, Steven Tyler, The Who, Black Sabbath, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Gary Newman, Alice Cooper…even Bill Oddie makes an appearance. Whether your a hard core fan, or the only rocking you do is blasting out a verse of Livin on a Preyer 3am in the club, this is a feat of incredible journalism. It’s a bible for a bible for budding interviewers. An hour spent digesting the ways in which some of the most badly behaved people in the world are coerced into discussing subjects as diverse as dinosaurs and fear of death, will teach you more than any textbook could.

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