The Gentleman Drinker

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.47.26

Illustration by Florence Shaw Words by Shaun Cooney At the age of around 10 you get your first taste of beer. Its normally passed to you by your dad and his friends in a beer garden and a tasting of which is promptly followed by a roar of laughter as you spit and choke on […]

Stolen Travels: 2. People

Roisin Murphey

Europe, Roisin Morrison After delving into the sweeping landscapes of the various ends of the earth my extended friendship group had explored I looked for people they encounter in their adventures. It makes for diverse viewing. Enjoy, and once again a big thank you to those I have stolen from. India, Philip Joseph Jones   […]

A Response: We Need To Talk About Imposterism


Words by Elizabeth Pollard In this month’s ELLE Magazine, Victoria Coren talks about how women are “twice as likely as men to ‘downshift’ (aspire to high-status job, then adjust their ambitions to aim lower).” She talks about research that has been carried out in the US by Jessica L. Collett and Jade Avelis about women […]

Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis

Film stills of Inside Llewyn Davis Words by Elizabeth Pollard It is rare that you will ever hear a song in it’s entirety in a film, even one about music, but in Inside Llewyn Davis the Coen brothers indulge the audience in 109 minutes of dark cinematography and wonderfully rusty folk music. It is also […]

The Collectors Cabinet: No. 1

Kirsten Hively

 Words by Billie Jenkins Collection of the Week Kirsten Hively is an architect who fell in love with neon signs. She had often recorded the signs she encountered on her travels, until she realised the ones she saw everyday around her New York home had been neglected in her photography. When she discovered it was […]

Sam Coldy Is Cool As Fuck

Sam Coldy

Words by Billie Jenkins Sam Coldy is cool as fuck, and a graphic designer who does big brands and indie artwork alike. According to his website we was also awarded the ‘Best Use of Colour in The Arts 2013′, and his colour is why we love him. A few years ago I reviewed him with […]

#ginspiration: Fifty Pound Gin

Fifty Pound Gin

Words by Shaun Cooney At the start of the eighteenth century William of Orange banded all importation of alcohol. This lead to a lot of DIY stills popping up all over London. The majority of stills were gin and it’s said at one point one in five homes in London were distilling and selling gin. […]

Visual Editions: Great Looking Stories

Visual Editions

Images from Visual Editions Words by Elizabeth Pollard Nothing makes me happier than exploring the visual language of typography; in form, habits of a reader and the structure of a publication. So you can imagine the complete joy I get out of Visual Editions – a London based book publisher with quite a difference. Founders […]

Hannah Höch at the Whitechapel Gallery


Words by Billie Jenkins Overlaying social and fashion imagery with bold abstracted shapes, Hannah Höch’s work make strong, often political statements. They deal with subjects as diverse as feminism, sexuality, race and a range of issues related to society in GermanY around WWI & II. As a key member of the Dada movement, and contemporaries […]

MFW: The Purists vs The Maximalists


Photography courtesy of Words by Elizabeth Pollard This season at Milan Fashion Week designers took their presentations to the far extremes in either creating clean, graphic and minimal clothes or typically Italian print on print on print collections: nothing however was unexpected from the houses. The Purists Jil Sander’s studio team designed took creative […]