Universal Rights

Corinne & Universal Rights

Words by Frank Think During a cultural visit to China last week Michelle Obama, the Harvard law school graduate and wife of President Obama declared that access to information should be a ‘universal right.’ Inspired with this revelation I immediately went to Berry, our 2-year old cat and asked him if he has internet access…no […]

Blood Orange: Cupid Deluxe

Blood Orange

Words by Elizabeth Pollard Devonté Hynes: producer, musician, singer, songwriter, Light-Speed Champion, Blood Orange, Rocwear brand consultant, collaborator; whatever you might call him, Dev Hynes is a rare British musical talent. His journey, like his music, has been inspirational. He now resides  in New York where he writes about issues including city poverty, homosexuality and […]

A Game of Human Chess

Billie Jenkins, Alexia Mellor, Anthony Schrag, Chess, Musee Imaginaire, Human chess, Newbridge Project

Words by Billie Jenkins Picture Curtesy of Musee Imaginaire Every so often in the artistic community you become embroiled in obscure situations that could as easily be part of something completely different; the start of a cult, a party where people are the right combination of weird and fun, or a nervous breakdown. It was […]

Jackson + Rye

Jackson + Rye

Words by Shaun Cooney One of the latest addition to Soho is the Richard Caring backed Jackson + Rye. Taking influence from the New York bars of past, Jackson + Rye is decked out in tiles, timber and leather. This place is a smart, suave place to come for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serving up […]

Looking back at Hellingly: Part Two – Textures of Derelict


Photography and words by Billie Jenkins Maybe the relationship between photographers and ruins is a so strong because any place left unattended sees nature creeping in, and the elements begin to tease  thousands of unique details from every surface. Where there was once clean paint whole landscapes develop, and there is an astonishing amount of visual […]

Frank Think: Proof of Heaven


Words by Frank Think Dr Eben Alexander, an eminent neurosurgeon considered himself a man of science with an unwavering belief in evidence-based medicine. His professional career took him to some of the top medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School, but in 2008 he fell into a coma after suffering a rare form of bacterial meningitis […]

Photo Essay: Eastbourne


Photography by Rose Clayton  

People in Fashion: Celestine Cooney

celestine cooney

(above) Photograph by LUCY CARR-ELLISON for As You Are Magazine Words by Elizabeth Pollard Fashion director of Twin magazine, freelance magazine editor, film maker and, of course, the best fucking stylist in town. To say I have a girl crush on Celestine Cooney is more than an understatement. Growing up in Dublin, Cooney didn’t necessarily […]

The Trouble With Spice

Natalie Braune

Photography by Natalie Braune Words by Shaun Cooney One of my favorite cuisines is Mexican. I love the spice, the chilies and homemade guacamole. Because of this I thought I was good with some spice, I always get jalapeños on my pizza, I love my chips with paprika on them and I like a curry. […]

Stolen Travels: No. 6 Transport

Thailand, Rose Clayton

(above) Thailand, Rose Clayton Compiled By Billie Jenkins Thailand, Hui-Yan Chow Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson  Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera  India, Philip Joseph Jones Indonesia, Charles Lewis Italy, Abigail Clarke Amsterdam, Elizabeth Pollard