#Ginspiration: Berkeley Square


Words by Shaun Cooney Berkeley Square is one of those gin’s that is an example of just how amazing a gin can be and how complex the distillation process can be. This is a gin that sells itself as the ‘single malt of the gin world’, it’s a gin that can be enjoyed perfectly over […]

Studio Profile: Patternity


(above) Photograph courtesy of Alvar Magazine Words by Elizabeth Pollard ‘BECAUSE A SHARED AWARENESS OF PATTERN HAS THE POWER TO POSITIVELY SHAPE OUR WORLD’ The Patternity manifesto explores ideas that challenge how we see the world and therefore how we respond to it. By encouraging their work to focus on life’s details, they hope to understand […]

Ganster’s Paradise? 1920’s LA Crime Photography


Words by Billie Jenkins Images LA City Records Centre This weekend saw hundreds of photographers descending on LA for the Paris Photo LA Art Fair, with a brilliant and bold cross-section of artists showing their work. Amidst the colourful landscapes and artful compositions of rocks there was something a bit more macabre to be found. […]



Words by Billie Jenkins The Design Museum is doing something simple but wonderful each and every weekend, and it’s accessible whether you live on Southbank or in Dundee. Every Sunday it runs a Twitter event called #FontSunday, where it invites people to upload typography, from design classics to bizarre experiments. All you have to do is […]

Style Muse: Sofia Coppola


Words by Elizabeth Pollard If you are a regular reader of Corinne&, you’ll have noticed by now that we are a little obsessed with the Coppola clan, in particular, writer and director, Sofia. Her cinematic aesthetic is very particular and easily definable, but this minimal sophistication also carries through to her wardrobe. As the woman […]

Andy Warhol gets a Floppy


Words by Billie Jenkins A quirk of magic happened the last week as eighteen images made by Pop Art legend Andy Warhol were found on a floppy disk. Made on an old-skool Amiga 1000 the pixelated paint jobs and photo manipulations depict favourites such as Campbell’s Soup and Ms Monroe. The lucky find was made […]

Small Screen Fargo: You Betcha It’s Good!


Images courtesy of FX Words by Emma Hanoman Last night Channel 4 gave us the second episode of Fargo, the new TV crime drama based on the 1996 film by the Coen Brothers. Set in cold, eerie Minnesota, Martin Freeman (from The Office, Sherlock, The Hobbit, you pick your fav) plays Lester Nygaard, the stereotypical […]

Elli Ingram


Photograph courtesy of Island Records Words by Elizabeth Pollard 20 year-old Brightonian, Elli Ingram, has released her second EP and collaborated and toured with Chase & Status in just one short year. The smoky, soulful tone to her voice has had her compared with the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse, but with a much […]

Pharrell Shoots to Miss: This Week in Books

Pharrell Williams

Words by Billie Jenkins This weeks big release: Pharrell releases ’Inspiration’ I’m not sure I have even seen quite so many gimmicks making a book so far removed from the quality of the writing as Pharrell’ new project ’Inspiration’. Championed as a ’social book’ it will only be released when all the words have been […]

Happiness Forgets


Photographs courtesy of @happinesshoxton Words by Shaun Cooney Happiness is a nice warm fuzzy feeling, and after a few cocktails at Happiness Forgets you will definitely start to feel warm and fuzzy. Just off Hoxton Square and down a some steps next to newly opened 8 Hoxton Square, Happiness Forgets is tucked away in the basement. […]