Recreating Dogtown II

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Images by Jude Lilley Crisper and cooler, these are the latest images from Jude Lilley’s Recreating Dogtown project, which we first showcased in last months Skate Editions. The greyscale photographs show off an incredible use of tone, which shows off the geometry of the skatepark environment which the boarders move through seamlessly. For more great […]

The Great Fire of Glasgow


Words by Elizabeth Pollard Image by Mil Stricevic, product design tutor at Glasgow School of Art. Taken from the Reid building via The Guardian online Last week tragedy struck the Glasgow School of Art when a projector exploded in the basement, causing a fire that blazed for over six hours. When the news broke, it […]

Sydney Part II: Places


Photographs by Rose Clayton Welcome two the second instalment of Rose Clayton’s photographs of Sydney, delivered straight to our inbox from the other side of the world for your enjoyment.

The Camberwell Arms


Tweet Words by Shaun Cooney Photograph by Adrian Lourie for The Evening Standard The recently open Camberwell Arms on Camberwell High Street, is an opening from some successful restaurateurs coming together in South East London to open a pub. Now this isn’t my favorite kind of South East London boozer. They don’t show Sky sports, they […]

A Hundred Butterflies Start A Hundred Hurricanes

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Words by Billie Jenkins Image and Random Act of Kindness Michael Byrne Yesterday a wonderful thing was brought to my attention. After assessing his library a friend realised that despite the most sincere intentions he had only read only about 40% of the books, and would probably never read 20% of them at any stage […]

Astrid Stavro Studio


Tweet All images courtesy of Words by Elizabeth Pollard Graphic designer and writer, Astrid Stavro, has been making tracks in the world of publishing and typography since she graduated from the Royal College of Art nearly ten years ago. Between her studio and being a contributor of Elephant magazine, Stavro makes time to exhibit […]



Tweet Photograph courtesy of @lapsleymusic Words by Elizabeth Pollard Seventeen year old Holly Lapsley Fletcher, also known as Låpsley, has been taking the Soundcloud airwaves by storm. After first hearing her single, Station, in Sohn’s mix on Annie Mac’s Sunday night show, I’ve been listening to her self produced track on repeat. With a sound inspired by […]

Camille Romano

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Photography by Camille Romano Words by Billie Jenkins These stunning, minimalist photographs come from Camille Romano, the Finland based designer with a thoughtful eye. They hold a strong sense of quiet, as if concentrating you could hear the tiny rustles of the leaves or faraway footsteps. Along with their beautiful serene quality they caught our […]

100 Trains of Thought: 6. Angela

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Words and Collage by Billie Jenkins Things were really simple when it began. The first time he arrived for a cup of tea driving a brand new Honda Civic she was overwhelmed with pride. The family had been driving the same family-sized Citroen for eleven years, and it had been second hand when they bought […]

The Mother of British Fashion


Photograph courtesy of ShowStudio Words by Elizabeth Pollard The notoriously severe head of the MA fashion course at Central Saint Martins passed away suddenly last week, leaving the fashion world stunned and probably quite fearful of the future without her. Louise Wilson is responsible for shaping the careers of some of the worlds most famous […]