The Legend of Bill Murray


Words by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of Mellisa Stone Bill Murray is a man of the people. Half man, half legend; mystery, fun and beautiful woman follow him wherever he goes. With a career spanning 74 films and TV shows he has reached heights not many actors could hope for. Yet it is the real […]

Bag your dream design job


Words by Billie Jenkins Image by Nuria Cabrera This one slipped through the net for a while, but in May a truly indispensable book for budding designers hit the markets, courtesy of Amina Horozic and the Breaking In series. Profiling and interviewing over 100 product designers from areas as diverse as clothing, automotive, furniture, and […]

M+ Neon Dreams


Words by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of Neonsigns.HK When Hong Kong’s new visual culture museum asked for images recording the thousands of neon signs that make the city so iconic, they received over 4,000 submissions. If the streets of London are paved with gold, the streets of Hong Kong are lined with light. New, online […]

The Daily Routine of a Genius


Words by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of Ewan Morrison Press Association Thomas Wolfe used the top of his refrigerator as a desk, each day Sartre guzzled his way through ten times the recommended dose of Corydrane pills (an amphetamine and aspirin mix), David Lynch used to indulge in a daily milkshake but then replaced it […]

IKEA lets you nap


Words by Billie Jenkins above Image courtesy of Kevin Frayer IKEA is kind of like a slightly shitter, consumerist version of David Bowie’s Labyrinth. There’s the mental games they play with the space, with only seasoned shoppers savvy to the short cut from boring shelving to the real fun, there are the strange women hoarding […]

Ridiculous Art Blog of the Week:


Words by Billie Jenkins Images Courtesy of Great Art in Ugly Rooms This is an absolute, fucking treat. There is a huge place in our hearts for those things which car-crashs together all that is kitsch and tacky with the beautiful. Attractive men in Greasy Spoons, Jurgen Teller’s cheekier side, cute San Francisco girl bands. Finding […]

200 Icons


Words by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of Classic Rock Classic Rock is not a magazine I have ever thought of buying. During the days, maybe even weeks, I’ve spent flickering through rows of beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) printed paper goodies at train stations newsagents, bookshops, cafés and libraries, it never even crossed my […]

Album: .indefinite.


Words by Billie Jenkins Image Courtesy of the Artist .indefinite. is hip hop that is truly in the spirit of the old school. It sounds like your out on the streets of Brooklyn during an early nineties summer: the slow jazz piano tinkering over the kick drums, the laid back style of rhyme, broken beats […]

Interview: Bethany Howard


Interview by Billie Jenkins All images courtesy of Bethany Howard Beth Howard is one of those incredible artists that has many different talents, there’s the video work, the writing, the photography, the installations, and her work with band High Tide 15:47. In our interview she spoke of hoping her art was in some way ‘beyond […]

Skinheads Italia


Words by Billie Jenkins Images courtesy of Paolo Marchetti It is something we often choose to ignore, yet the reality is fearful. It was not until UKIP exceeded all expectations that I opened my eyes to the real, right wing sympathies growing on my home soil. I thought it was something drunkenly muttered in the […]