The Gentleman Drinker

Gentleman drinker 1Words by Shaun Cooney

There comes a point in every young mans life where he decides that beer and cider are no longer acceptable drinks in social situations. As such his mind makes the unwise decision that the only way to be taken seriously is to start drinking whisky. Now at this point in a mans life the only exposure to whisky is their dad’s bottle of Bells they stole for a house party or £3.00 double Jack Daniels and coke at their local student bar. But this time around they are no longer mixing it with own brand Coca-Cola or watered down, sugar filled Coke. This time they have made the decision to sip the golden drink of the gods neat.

Now the environment for this first attempt is usually after dinner with friends in a local pub where the men of the group decide to bond over a glass of whisky. Unbeknown to either of the men neither knows anything about whisky and once again head for their old friend JD. After an hour of sipping and grimacing at each other across the table this ordeal is finally over, where now the process is repeated with coffee.

Fast forward five years, the man is now in his mid 20’s, his horizons have been broadened, he’s now drinking wine more than beer, G&T’s as the night moves on and finally at the end of the evening its time for the whisky, but the man has matured. He glances straight over to the top shelf behind the bar. He’s had time to discover theirs more to life than JD & bells. Whisky for him has become an old friend to spend some time with. No longer does he sit there pulling faces like his gentleman parts are trapped in a vice but he looks at it with admiration and affection. For the golden drink of kings is finally his to enjoy, as bar tenders celebrate his choice of single malt and younger drinkers turn to friends and declare “one day that’ll be me”.

An Old Fashioned at The Crooked Well, Camberwell,

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