4114 Grad Show

Words by Billie Jenkins Above image Screenshot of the 4114 app

Graduating in any art subject there is always an overhanging fear that unless you go to UAL or one of the other super schools, all the coffees, all the hours spent late into the night, and all the tears spent on whether the printers will be open early enough on a Sunday morning, are going towards work that won’t be seen outside the direct art community you already know. Many institutions now insist on sending their best work to shows in London, whether they’re Kingston or as far away as Newcastle. In the face of this challenge to reach audiences, the University of South Wales Photography of Fashion and Advertising 2014 class have achieved something pretty brilliant.

Exactly how the 4114 app they created showcasing their grad show ended up on my iPad I couldn’t explain, but it did. Somewhere in the slew of recommendations it caught my eye. Put any mix of Graduate/Grad/Art/Show/Exhibition and the 4114 app is the only 2014 show that’s up there. To plonk your work into the lap of someone having a quiet cup of tea 500 miles away, and who until it happened hadn’t really given a thought to the University of South Wales, that’s an impressive feat. Maybe next year everyone should make it this easy, then I would never have leave the house and Twining sales would sky rocket. The leap of audience is not the only good thing about 4114 however, here are our personal highlights of the show.



Image From  Meal of Man courtesy of Joe Loveridge

The Colour Guy:Joe Loveridge

Starting with slang that relates female body parts to food, Loveridge creates still life images that depict the actual edible objects in salaciously bold colours that pop out of the page.



Image courtesy of Hana Latif

The High End Men’s Magazine Girl: Hana Latif

Looking at form, texture and minimalist architecture, Latif’s image look like they fell out of Man About Town. Using models who are interesting rather than traditionally handsome scores her extra brownie points.



Image from Supernovae courtesy of Portia Saunders

The Dramatist: Portia Saunders

Supernovae combines myth and astrology to create images seeped in supernatural mystery. They almost feel like a retelling of ’Midsummer nights dream’, combining human form and something other-worldly.



Image from [Cartref] Home courtesy of  Morgan Ellis Williams

The Girlie Fashion Photographer: Morgan Ellis Williams

Although it’s intended to represent the industrialisation of Wales, what’s more exciting is that I’d easily expect to see this in O Comely magazine selling me that dress and a clover tattoo.



Image from One in Four courtesy of Elisha Kane

The Journalist: Elisha Kane

Documenting twenty people with mental illness Kane’s One in Four is an interesting and thought provoking project that puts faces to an often stigmatised issue.


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