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Photography courtesy of We Run This Interview by Elizabeth Pollard

We Run This may be the new kids on the block, but they are no ordinary shopping experience. Their brand was driven by the concept that girls want to shop by outfit, not by garment, eliminating the hardest part of shopping. By looking at social media and it’s effect on the fashion industry in the form of bloggers and stylists, WRT has understood that the way girls shop is evolving.

Their launch collection is made up of beautiful, contemporary outfits that are sure to be wardrobe staples this season. We talk to We Run This’ founder Romy Des Marias to hear more about the inspiration behind its conception.

Tell me a little bit about ‘We Run This’.
We Run This is a fashion-forward brand, for girls that not only want on-trend fashion but want to know how to style it too.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Our style and the impression we want that to give off. Whatever your style, be confident with what you wear and how you wear it. That’s what fashion’s all about.

Who are your competitors and brands you aspire to?
Competition is everywhere, anyone that’s online and selling is our competition! I guess the goal is to have our own definition of a brand, for people to love our clothing all over, whatever their style.

Who is the ideal WRT celebrity?
Stylist Ann-Marie Hoang is a huge style crush of ours, she makes anything look instantly cool. Bloggers and stylists have such a big influence on fashion now. We love Vanessa Hudgens style too, but then again, who doesn’t?!

What was the inspiration behind the conception of WRT?
Shopping in outfits was the main concept behind the brand, not just telling girls they can wear our clothing from day to night but showing them too. We wanted to give all our clothing the WRT look and styling was a big part of that. It’s every girl’s nightmare to turn up to an event wearing the same clothing as someone else, and when you buy clothing now that’s a big risk! We don’t want girls to have that issue at WRT, you know if you buy something from us, it’s individual and there are not many others around.

Where did the name ‘We Run This’ come from?
The name was hugely important to us as we wanted something that describes the type of girl that would be shopping on our site and we thought We Run This describes her perfectly. When you think of We Run This you think of confidence, power, independence and that’s how we think every girl should feel, especially when she’s wearing our clothing.

After a long few months, you finally launched on Wednesday. How has the process been?
It’s been a long, crazy process and weird to think we’ve finally launched. But the outcome is better than I could’ve imagined and I’m so proud of the brand!

Visit werunthisonline.com for more.

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