7 Decks We Love

Compiled by Billie Jenkins



From Calavera Comics, you won’t have to hide you face if your riding this black and white board.


Gorilla Monsoon, also from Calavera Comics, showcases some sweet typography.


Does a bear shit in the wood, no he Bear Fives.


There are some pretty grim candy skull illustration knocking about out there (not least tattooed on the skin of idiots), this one puts the sugar back in with blasts of colour.


Andrew Gaves makes nice illustrations of monsters that sit somewhere between the Yeti and shadows of The Wild Things. Then, like the one from the Billy Groats Gruff story, they hide in the space between you and the ground.


LSDemon, Dustin Dollin. How I remember skateboard illustrations before clean lines and cute monsters happened, except it’s not shit.

And three we don’t…


Made on the pretence Polar Bears spend over 50% of their time hunting for food, this deck is supposed to denote that you-can-do it attitude. At first glance I thought it was a WWF advert, on second glass I stopped eating my sandwich.


One small step for ugliness. One giant leap for ugliness.


If skateboarding has the potential to shortwire me taking off my pants, this deck just made me belt and brace.

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