A Bite of the Apple

05-28-2014_64 copyWords and Photographs by Elizabeth Pollard

I have had an irrational obsession with New York from a very young age, as a lot of people probably do. So, in the summer of my second year of university, I packed my bags, found a flat in East Harlem, landed an internship at Esquire Magazine and traveled the three and half thousand miles across the Atlantic to take a bite of the apple. I spent the next six weeks viewing the city with rose tinted glasses, and to my boyfriends dismay, they have not yet come off.

One day, some day, I will return for another (hopefully longer) adventure. But for now, the photographs I took will have to keep me company.

05-28-2014_65 copy

05-28-2014_68 copy

05-28-2014_69 copy

05-28-2014_71 copy

05-28-2014_72 copy

05-28-2014_73 copy

05-28-2014_74 copy

05-28-2014_76 copy

05-28-2014_77 copy

05-28-2014_78 copy

05-28-2014_80 copy

05-28-2014_81 copy

05-28-2014_82 copy

05-28-2014_83 copy

05-28-2014_84 copy

05-28-2014_63 copy

05-28-2014_85 copy

05-28-2014_86 copy

05-28-2014_87 copy

05-28-2014_88 copy

05-28-2014_89 copy

05-28-2014_90 copy

05-28-2014_91 copy

05-28-2014_92 copy

05-28-2014_93 copy

05-28-2014_95 copy

05-28-2014_96 copy


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