A Lesson In Style: Jeanne Moreau

Words by Billie Jankins

February 7th saw the re-release of 1958 French crime thriller ’Lift to the Scaffold’. As much as we would like to hammer out the finer points of an early New Wave masterpiece, and the merits of the original Miles Davis soundtrack, all we can really think is ’Oh la la, Jeanne Moreau’. The perfectly elegant cigarettes, those coats, that hard but beautiful face (sans make up don’t cha know). Whilst we would never renounce our Brit girl routes there’s something so powerfully feminine about French style we want to ditch our jeans and punk for a day and wear some very beautiful dresses to some very cheap bars. Although we are aware the reality of walking into a Wetherspoons wearing a pair of Charlotte Olympia’s never has quite the same effect. In homage to the great Moreau we showcase five of our favourite looks:


Sous le pave, la plage! A lesson in Beachwear in Jules et Jim, 1962


Rosie Huntington who? A lesson in seduction.


A lesson in growing old gracefully at an informal press conference.


A poster girl for the librarian look, and a lesson in smoking.


Oh, and she knows a cat is every girls best accessory.

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