A Silken Life

47882_10151131249108071_32246560_nPhotograph by Elizabeth Pollard Words by Frank Think

The journey of life flows as the finest tread of silk,
That, if you are aware, can only be seen before each step,
When called upon, there is generous guidance through the eyes of others,
The path is yours and ours, unfolding one step at a time.

Even the wisest can not say how the journey is revealed,
Just walk with belief, lean on hope and always be reminded of the completeness in love,
Occasionally look back on the footprints of life for moments of peace and solitude,
Where the path has wondered, be grateful for composure,
And remember to bathe and refresh the soul in love.

But, as you look down as not to stumble, rise up and gaze to images flickering far away,
From the horizon they call on and on, of adventures to do and passions made real,
Take care to weave with ease, least days become lost to time and the tread becomes too fine to lead you back, or on.

When the day is setting and the long journey through,
Be still in calm with faith and trust by you,
Then you will see along the journey one tread has become two and more as you have not been alone.

Turn to see how two and more has weaved a fabric so fine and pure,
That holds the world through every strand,
Celebrate and cry for every person touched as life passes by,
But most of all give thanks for hope and love, as they are one,
Were with you from the start, to remain beyond the last ray of light.

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