Album: .indefinite.


Words by Billie Jenkins Image Courtesy of the Artist

.indefinite. is hip hop that is truly in the spirit of the old school. It sounds like your out on the streets of Brooklyn during an early nineties summer: the slow jazz piano tinkering over the kick drums, the laid back style of rhyme, broken beats brought together by warm sounds. Lyricist on the tracks is Ipkuss, a rapper with a raspy, laid back style that sits somewhere between A Tribe Called Quest and (although he’d probably hate us saying it) Lupe Fiasco. Through the album he walks us on a journey of reflection. Simple but thoughtful Caffeine ’dedicated to the nights we spend alone’, is a great example of this, taking us to a night spent awake until dawn making music. It feels real. Beat maker on the track, ewonee thee beatnik, has mastered the style. Traditional hip hop is turned into something more personal, bending to Ikpuss’s narrative. Loops of drums and lighter jazz meet to make something that is so complex, but such smooth listening. Our highlight has to be dee.bagg ft Doof, despite the darker subject matter the beats sounds like driving through a city, with the sunlight flitting between the blocks. It’s golden. This week Stanley Ipkuss joins our Creative Directory, check out his interview here.

Go and listen to .indefinite. For free on Soundcloud, here.

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