Alt-J Defy The Mercury Prize Curse


Image: This Is All Yours album artwork Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Mercury award winners, Alt-J, have defied the curse of this award by releasing an incredible second album despite the departure of their bassist, Gwil Sainsbury in January this year. ‘This Is All Yours’, which was released last Monday, shot straight to number one in the UK charts and have received a flurry of rave reviews.

In the run up to this launch, this (now) three piece from Leeds tactically released three very different tracks, demonstrating the diversity of their talent and expertly showing how the musical progression of a second album is imperative to its success. Having written some of the album before even releasing ‘An Awesome Wave’ their distinctive sound seeps through tracks like ‘Every Other Freckle’ but with the addition of tracks like ‘Left Hand Free’ and ‘Hunger Of The Pines’, it moves their music on from trendy, indie-rock to exciting, credible artists, unafraid to experiment.

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