Photography: Aneta Bartos


Words by Billie Jenkins Images Courtesy of Aneta Bartos
 (above image from Morning Dusk)


Welcome to the work of Aneta Bartos. Modern sexuality depicted with the grace and beauty of the Old Masters. Aneta’s work repeatedly captures voyeuristic subject matter, sex acts through a peephole, young men masturbating in seedy motel, a sight across an unmade beds towards a women touching herself. Yet than watchful eyes lies in the images, the potency of the subject never reduced to an act followed though for those gazing over it. For one set of images Bartos collected together a few close friends and explored how sexuality crossed with close female bonds. For Boys, the young men touching themselves in front of the lens appear in a personal moment, just far enough from the viewers gaze. Spider Monkey breaks apart traditional sexual forms, creating something more animal and ritualistic. Though tender in age she already has a spellbinding client list, from Time, to Interview, to Vice, but this personal portfolio of work is a truly stunning collection marking Bartos out as a leader in photographic practice.

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From ‘Boys’



From ‘Spider Monkeys Volume II’



From ‘Morning Dusk’



From ‘4 Sale’


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