App Review:

WhisperWords by Billie Jenkins

There are two problems with the new Whispers app. The first is that its ugly, uglier than early snapchat, a sea of crude wordart over unflattering photographs of nothing in particular. The second is that it’s boring. It is always sad to find out peoples private lives are boring, and Whisper thrusts that in your face harder than a Chippendale at a pretty girls hen do. I’m all for a bit of artistic expression, and I’m nosy so this should be my cup of tea. I check PostSecret every Sunday and always stop to read pieces of paper that have been lost to the pavement or supermarket aisles. But Whispers is not PostSecret, there is no process or love. These are the selfies of the secret sharing world. They are about self exposure, and crucially misjudge the level of interest the public has for the private ‘I’. Delete, and find a lover’s ear to indulge your vanities instead.

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