Art School Stole My Virginity

Art schoolPhotography courtesy of Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Everything about the ‘installation’ Art School Stole My Virginity makes me mad. But I guess all Clayton Pettet wanted people to do is talk about him which he has very successfully achieved. Covered in every publication from The Telegraph to Dazed and Confused magazine, but what is it that he wants everyone to talk about? The fact that he is a virgin? The fact that sex is shocking? Or that art school screwed him in the arse? It’s nothing we don’t all already know.

Unfortunately, my only outrage is more of a maternal nature; what happened to this poor boy as a child that made him feel so entitled? And what is wrong with our society that instead of creating a structure of support we create a structure of art schools to justify this crying behaviour?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of many of the controversial artists that broke the boundaries and taboos of sex, but in this case it feels quite manipulated, dirty and wholly unoriginal. The artists before him challenged sex and wanted to ignite a conversation. This just feels like a cry for help.

But of course, the debate isn’t about the act of losing his virginity (which he ‘proved’ in not doing it), it’s the fact that he is still so fascinated with society’s obsession with sexuality. And why shouldn’t they be? Sexulaity it exciting, rewarding, damaging, enlightening, euphoric, dangerous, powerful. Why would you want to normalise that?

What I’m more fascinated in, is artists’ obsession with numbing one of the most temperamental and influential emotions/experiences humans have. By all means let’s continue exploring and conversing but for God’s sake stop trying to normalise your dick as if it’s a cup of tea. If we do, what’s left?

Poor boy just needs a hug.

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