Artisinal Bakeries


Words and photograph by Shaun Cooney

Never has the need for fresh baked bread from an independent baker been more trendy. Back in the day families only brought fresh whole loaves from their local bakers, meat from the butchers and vegetables from the green grocer. But that routine died out for a long time, with corporate giants taking over local stores complete with in store butchers, bakers and fishmongers. But there’s now a glimmer of hope.

Just like independent coffee shops local bakeries are back on the rise. The smell of fresh bread is filling the streets all over London. These aren’t your usual bakeries, you can buy authentically ground coffee, handmade sandwiches made with bread fresh out of the oven. These bakeries are becoming local hang outs for coffee and perfect brunch spots for young emerging middle class.

Pithy to this trend, I suggest Black Bird Bakeries that can be found in East Dulwich and a now just opened under the arches of Queens Road Peckham station. E5 bakery in the London Fields arches keeping baking simple using baking soda instead of the traditional yeast.

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