Bag your dream design job


Words by Billie Jenkins Image by Nuria Cabrera

This one slipped through the net for a while, but in May a truly indispensable book for budding designers hit the markets, courtesy of Amina Horozic and the Breaking In series. Profiling and interviewing over 100 product designers from areas as diverse as clothing, automotive, furniture, and those heading smaller, unique practices, the Breaking In: Product Design offers invaluable advice to those wishing to get their foot in the door, or progress beyond. The criteria Amina began with stated only those designers at management level, who had influence in who the company hired, were to be featured. From there she rounded up a host of field leaders from around the globe (there’s someone from every country bar Antarctica), conducting interviews that veer between a quick ten minute chat and a two hour analysis of breaking into the industry.

With a huge emphasis on difference between the way individuals enter their careers, Amina made large efforts to create diversity between the people she approached. There’s a kick starter success, young graduates who jumped in and the deep end and started their own firm, and those who rose to the top through hard graft, networking and clever decisions. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone trying to build the portfolio that will land them their dream job, or who are keen for their own start up but are afraid of repeating common mistakes. Even for those not in the industry it offers a fascinating insight into the calculated work that goes into the career of a leader. Speaking with Core77, Horozic stated what she had learnt about the path to success from the project was “Work hard, and smart, and be patient with yourself in the process. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Stay humble, get enough sleep, and eat your breakfast.” We would add read this book to that list.

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