Bar Story

Bar StoryWords by Shaun Cooney

Tucked underneath the arches of Peckham Rye station Bar Story broke ground in Peckham long before the rest started moving in and was one of a kind in this part of south east London for a good drink in an interesting environment. Bar Story serves delicious pizzas 7 days a week and have an incredible offer of two pizzas for £10 on a Tuesday and 241 happy hour cocktails, but two of the same cocktail for the price of one. These aren’t the best cocktails in town but they get the job done even if most are mixed in a blender.

One of the big let downs of Bar Story is a lot of style over substance, it all feels like the staff are here to socialize rather than mix a good cocktail, which isn’t something to over look with Peckham Springs open right behind it serving carefully thought about cocktails at good prices. With a great out door space to enjoy the summer sun, if the que for Franks is too long that is. So who cares who’s serving you a cocktail if you’re tucked away in a nice little oasis in Peckham.

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