Bare Magazine

asset-magazine-bigPhotography courtesy of Bare Magazine Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Bare Magazine (not to be confused with Bare Fiction, Bare Mag UK, UC Berkely’s Bare Magazine) is the latest publication to enter the competitive print market. But this is no ordinary fashion magazine; Bare is a totally unretouched, uncontrived,’unconcealed’ publication that aims to work to the beat of their own drum.

The first issue, which launched this month, features photography from Jem Mitchell, Billy Kidd, Laurie Frankel and Barbara Iweins amongst many other contributors from all over the world. Creative Director Claudia Bruno, founded Bare when she felt ‘real’ women weren’t fairly represented in the usual glossy; “We are interested in the woman who wears the clothes, not the other way around, so what is interesting to us is the editorial content that surrounds the fashion stories.”

With dreamy photography and scandi architecture this magazine is the hipster version of Kinfolk; beautiful, creative and without corporate ties. A coffee table must!








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