Bedroom Bar

Bedroom barWords by Shaun Cooney

Nothing puts me off a satisfying old fashioned more than the bartender making it without putting any thought and looking bored out of their skull. This is the staff at Bedroom Bar. All the guys are sporting the kind of beards that have been trimmed along the edge of a ruler or patchy 15-year-old beards whilst the girls have piercings that you have to keep an eye on in case they decide to make a great escape. The only motivation for the staff to be here is to be seen working in Shoreditch.

Bedroom Bar is attached to the Comedy Café Theatre, hosting regular new talent, and Jubo, a Korean canteen, the latter of which gives one of the best things about this bar, the smell. From the moment you walk in people all around are tucking into huge bowls of noodles and steamed buns.

Maybe it’s a victim of being across the road from Callooh Callay that the cocktails fall short. Maybe it’s the try hard-but-fail trendy staff behind the bar that the atmosphere doesn’t feel quite right. But one thing is for sure, I shall return, but only for some Korean steamed buns.


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