Blood Orange: Cupid Deluxe

Blood orangeWords by Elizabeth Pollard

Devonté Hynes: producer, musician, singer, songwriter, Light-Speed Champion, Blood Orange, Rocwear brand consultant, collaborator; whatever you might call him, Dev Hynes is a rare British musical talent. His journey, like his music, has been inspirational. He now resides  in New York where he writes about issues including city poverty, homosexuality and the transgender culture of 80’s New York. Raised in Essex, and suffering racial abuse himself for his appearance, Hynes feels he can relate to the bigotry they suffered and has channelled his own traumatic experiences into his evolving relationship with music. As well as being one of the most exciting musical talents of his generation, his style, approach to film and art direction (and being best friends with Jay Z and the Knowles’ sisters) make him enviably, ridiculously cool. So fuck you Essex-bullies, you lose.

His latest album under pseudonym Blood Orange, Cupid Deluxe, is a perfect demonstration of just how talented this man is. Soulful 80’s funk, sampled with his quirky vocals and alternative production evokes an overwhelming amount of emotion on tracks like ‘Time Will Tell’ and ‘Uncle Ace’. With hints of his summer collaboration with Solange on ‘Loosing You’, everything about this album screams roof-terrace-in-the-Harlem-sun.

With such an organic approach to music, who knows what Dev will create next; but we can all be assured it’s going to be amazing.

Favourite Tracks: THE WHOLE ALBUM! But if I had to choose…
Your Not Good Enough
It Is What It Is
Always Let U Down
High Street
Time Will Tell

Blood Orange

Blood Orange
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