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Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 22.40.32Images of and Words by Elizabeth Pollard 

These days, it seems the relationship between a brand and it’s blog is an imperative one. Not only is it a tool to promote your product, but a blog enables the aesthetic to develop naturally, by being exposed to cultural and commercial influences. Young designers such as Maddie Moxham and Charlie May, have built a ‘world’ for their work to live in. Understanding the designers influences, experiences and journey of their work, humanises the product and allows the customer to aspire to the lifestyle ‘required’ to wear or own it.

By editorialising the brand, it gives the product context and encourages a consumer to visit their ‘shop’ on a regular basis, whether or not they wish to purchase anything. With increasingly sophisticated technology, starting your own business is becoming easier and easier, but it also means, brands have to become more innovative in creating incentives to purchase from you. By giving the consumer an alternative reason to visit them, they are placing their product at the forefront of their mind, hopefully, one day, turning that traffic into sales.

So business owners out there, get blogging!

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