Bunny Chow Box Park

bunny chowWords by Shaun Cooney

Bunny Chow is a great example of how street food can grow from a mobile truck to a static unit. Since June 2013 the Bunny Chow team have been serving up a traditional South African workers lunch to the public. The Bunny Chow is a hollowed out little loaf of bread and filled with a delicious saucy curry. The Bunny Chow originates from field workers in South Africa who had no cutlery or lunch boxes to keep their lunches intact and so the Bunny Chow became a delicious edible lunchbox.

Bunny Chow Box Park is park of the static market of street food in Shoreditch. After being taken step by step ingredient by ingredient of the whole menu by the young guy behind the counter we opted for a ominous sounding ‘Monkey Gland Bunny’ of a generous portion of mini meatballs in the ‘Monkey Gland’ sauce that gives the whole dish a little spicy kick, and the veggie ‘Boston bean Bunny’ of a mix of molasses bakes beans, spinach and smoked cheese all melted in together into a cheesy, creamy filling. both delicious and incredibly filling.

Once the eating technique of a Bunny Chow has been mastered it makes for a perfect on the go lunch. Tuck in with a fork or pull it apart with your fingers, either way your going to get messy your first few times around so be thankful for the wet wipes supplied.


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