Calling SE(1)5!

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Somehow, sometime, through some set of choices or coincidences have you made a connection with South East London?

Corinne& is working on a project for the Camberwell Arts Festival, taking place from 14th June – 22nd June. Our intention is to map the stories of residents, past residents, travellers, businesses, passers by, party goers and anyone who has in someway built a connection with the Camberwell and Peckham areas. We need individuals and groups to represent the vibrant and diverse communities that intwine across these places. Do you have stories, anecdotes, photographs or pictures, love letters or eviction notices, flyers or thoughts on what this place means or has meant to you? If you do we’d love to incorporate these in our work. It may be our project but it’s you and your community we really want to represent.

If you have anything you’d like to share whether it’s a two line joke, a word, or a lifetime of stories please get in touch with us at and make sure you credit your name and the address of the place you’re describing.

Do you know anyone with something great to share? Pass this on or please let us know!

All the Best,


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