Cardiff by Colin Nicholls


Words by Billie Jenkins Photography by Colin Nicholls

The streets of Cardiff – once chequering one of the biggest ports in the world they are now a mixture of shopping, pubs and clubs; friend of the hen do with an added six hours of sale shopping. Colin Nicholls blog, dedicated to photography through a Fuji lens, makes great technical reading and is punctuated by some incredible work. This article explains the power of the Fuji X100 as a street photography tool, demonstrated by tackling Welsh capitol Cardiff in crisp black and white. Whether it is the camera that does the work, or really it’s the clever eye of Colin himself, the results are incredible. Intimate stories of the people we encounter are told, with clarity of tone and focus bringing out the strong identities of the subjects. Colin’s website shows his main work comes as a wedding photographer, but we hope to see many more of these stunning personal projects going up on his blog in the near future.

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