Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways

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Creative mastermind Dave Grohl, has released another fantastic music documentary which looks at the journey of musical inspiration.

Screen Review: Gone Girl

'Gone Girl'  - Rome Photocall

Whether a fan of the book, David Fincher or just want a worthwhile trip to the cinema this autumn, Gone Girl is an absolute must.

Screen Review: Lovelace


Photographs courtesy of Millennium Films and Radius-TWCWords by Elizabeth Pollard There are a few actors and actresses that are indescribably, totally irrationally annoying to me. Their acting is like nails on a chalkboard. They can do no right, no matter how epic the part. Anne Hathaway, Nicholas Cage and what used to be Amanda Seyfried. […]

What Maisie Knew


An American drama based on the Henry James novel, about a child as the result of a contentious marriage and narcissistic parents.

The Riot Club


Oxford University is home to one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. The Bullingdon Club is a society for boys that champions wealth and especially the waste of it.

Indie Screen: Frances Ha


A cinematically beautiful film about the significance of a best girlfriend and the complexities of your twenties.

The Legend of Bill Murray


Words by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of Mellisa Stone Bill Murray is a man of the people. Half man, half legend; mystery, fun and beautiful woman follow him wherever he goes. With a career spanning 74 films and TV shows he has reached heights not many actors could hope for. Yet it is the real […]

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album


Words by Billie Jenkins Images Copyright of Dennis Hopper ’Don’t you fucking look at me!’. The violent, gas-guzzling rapist of David Lynch’s most revered film, Blue Velvet, was a character that stayed in my head long after the credits had run. This was my Dennis Hopper. For others it will be the trippy straights of […]

Eurovision Blew Me Away


Words by Frank Think Eurovision 2014 blew me away. A festival of music, dance, amazing stage production and lights…wow the lights. It was my first experience at watching the song contest, there was so much to take in and could not apply my attention to the whole spectacular event. After 16 performances of the 26 […]

Kubrick: An Old School Eccentric


(above) Richard Thomas Words and Collages by Billie Jenkins When he died Stanley Kubrick left around 1000 boxes of material cataloguing his ideas, scripts, research and even every fan letter he had ever been sent. One strange and wonderful quirk of this collection was the visual research he undertook to achieve the right look for […]