Small Screen Fargo: You Betcha It’s Good!


Images courtesy of FX Words by Emma Hanoman Last night Channel 4 gave us the second episode of Fargo, the new TV crime drama based on the 1996 film by the Coen Brothers. Set in cold, eerie Minnesota, Martin Freeman (from The Office, Sherlock, The Hobbit, you pick your fav) plays Lester Nygaard, the stereotypical […]

Gia Coppola: Palo Alto


Film stills from Palo Alto Words by Elizabeth Pollard It’s in the Coppola blood to work in the film industry, and that is no different for Francis Ford Coppola’s grand daughter, Gia. Having spent her life surrounded by some of the world’s most famous actors, producers and directors (many of which are her own family), […]

Game of Thrones on Vanity Fair

Corinne & Game of Thrones_feature

Words by Billie Jenkins It would be a stretch to conceive of a fantasy fiction cast donning the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair, but Game of Thrones has smashed all expectations (apart from Sean Bean meeting a grizzly end, which is somewhat of a tradition). HBO’s drama, based on the books of George R. […]

Sophia Coppola’s Little Mermaid


Photograph by Juergen Teller Words by Elizabeth Pollard The script writer who brought us Edward Scissorhands and The Corpse Bride, Caroline Thompson, and our favourite director, Sophia Coppola, are teaming up to make The Little Mermaid based on Hans Christian Andersen’s original fairytale. However this will be no Disney romance of a Prince and Princess […]

Wes Anderson: Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel

Words by Billie Jenkins The Grand Budapest Hotel film experience could be likened to attending Miuccia Prada’s tenth birthday party. The luxurious popping colours, iconic textures, innumerable appearances by the famous and loved in equal measure (the right kind of famous though of course) and lots of cake. Ralph Fiennes, whom the lead role of […]

Lena Dunham: The Voice Of Our Generation

Lena Dunham

(above) Photograph by Terry Richardson Words by Elizabeth Pollard Lena Dunham owes the beauty of her writing to her gritty and sometimes a little uncomfortable honesty. The eldest of two daughters by successful artist parents, Dunham grew up in New York City surrounded by art, education and culture. Many of the friends she met at […]

Daisies, Vera Chytilova

Daisies, Věra Chytilová

Words by Billie Jenkins ‘Daisies’ is a glorious tale of two women, Marie I and Marie II, who are as badly behaved as they are enticing. Moving from suitor to suitor immaculately dressed they ooze a heady combination of obnoxious naughtiness and freedom. To summarise it in two words the film is gleefully mischievous. There […]

Denai Moore

Denai Moore

Words by Elizabeth Pollard Jamaican born, Stratford raised Denai Moore’s outstanding new EP was inspired by her hero’s – Lauryn Hill and Bon Iver. Her soulful folk, produced by Plan B, feels stripped back and authentic. Like Iver and James Blake, her voice acts as an instrumental element to the melancholic melodies accompanied by piano […]

The Wolf Of Wallstreet

Wolf of Wallstreet

Words by Billie Jenkins Wolf of Wall St made me want to get high. Not just a little bit high but three days of spinning hoops with a rolled up note in one hand (Dollars obviously) and pint of whisky in the other. Jonah Hill recently announced the constant hoovering of fake cocaine during filming […]

Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis

Film stills of Inside Llewyn Davis Words by Elizabeth Pollard It is rare that you will ever hear a song in it’s entirety in a film, even one about music, but in Inside Llewyn Davis the Coen brothers indulge the audience in 109 minutes of dark cinematography and wonderfully rusty folk music. It is also […]