The Voice Of Our Youth

Instagram stars

Time Magazine announced the world’s 25 most influential teens. But what makes the voice of youth so powerful?

The Watch With a Human Touch

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In many ways this watch seems like another one of modern life’s pointless preoccupations. But something has to happen between birth and death so why not do it with the help of Apple.

Miranda July’s Somebody

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Ever needed someone to do your dirty work for you? Break ups, make ups or even a proposal? Check out the new app from Miranda July.



Yale University create online platform for 170,000 American Depression Era photographs for all to access.

Design Technology: 3D Printing Pens


LIX THE SMALLEST 3D PRINTING PEN from LIX 3D PEN on Vimeo. Words by Elizabeth Pollard Since the technology started to appear in the last couple of years, 3D printing pens have become increasingly more sophisticated. Lix is the latest London design company to develop the product which allows you to doodle in the air […]

Instagram record shattered


Words by Billie Jenkins It isn’t he most shocking news story of 2014. The hype behind the wedding that united in holy matrimony two of the most egocentric celebrities our sensational culture has spawned was predictably huge. The are they, aren’t they dialogue about their use of the Palace of Versailles became a strange symbol […]

Music In The Digital Age

music digital

Illustration by Elizabeth Pollard Words by Nathan Diamond The digital age has revolutionised the world. Technology such as the Internet and smart phones are constantly improving, making huge leaps of progression with no signs of slowing down. Musicians naturally have had to alter and adapt to the modern day resources available, with the use of […]

Brand + Blog

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Images of and Words by Elizabeth Pollard  These days, it seems the relationship between a brand and it’s blog is an imperative one. Not only is it a tool to promote your product, but a blog enables the aesthetic to develop naturally, by being exposed to cultural and commercial influences. Young designers such as Maddie […]