A Silken Life


Poetry about the philosophy of life by the enigmatic, Frank Think

Is Vegetarianism A Religion?


Is vegetarianism and veganism a religion, philosophical practice, or fashionable trend?

The Family That Walks On All Fours


The scientific and religious communities are baffled by the family that walk on all fours.
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The terrorist health responsibility


Words by Frank Think In recent months we have heard of the growing numbers of young men from the UK who are recruited to fight for overseas terrorist organisations. An estimated 400 UK citizens are fighting in Syria and for the survivors there is a high probability many will suffer post- traumatic stress disorder. An […]

Global Harmony at the World Cup

Corinne &_2

Words by Frank Think The World Cup Soccer tournament has gained the attention of many people around the world. Young, old, female, male and people of many different cultural, social and economic backgrounds are paying attention to a game that has come to mean so much more. The World Cup and the Olympic Games are […]

To Understand Who I Am


Words by Frank Think To understand who am I and how to fit into the cultures of humanity, it is helpful to have an understanding of from where we came and what cultural building blocks have gone to mould the world we live in. The modern human, homo sapiens, emerged in eastern Africa over 200,000 […]

The Study of Philosophy and Wisdom


Image: A vintage poster Words by Frank Think The study of philosophy, or the love of wisdom including the study of religion, science, arts and humanities all seem to point to endless possibilities of reality. This is just too big for the human mind to comprehend all possibilities, so we set parameters similar to railroad […]

Eurovision Blew Me Away


Words by Frank Think Eurovision 2014 blew me away. A festival of music, dance, amazing stage production and lights…wow the lights. It was my first experience at watching the song contest, there was so much to take in and could not apply my attention to the whole spectacular event. After 16 performances of the 26 […]

One Hundred Philosophers


Words by Frank Think The book ‘One hundred Philosophers, A guide to the World’s Greatest Thinkers’, by Peter King only recognises one woman philosopher in human history. King puts this down to the difference between cultures and the process of historical recording, neither of which is straightforward. Even in more enlightened Ancient Greek societies, feminist […]

Hoarding Books


Photograph by Josephine Pollard Words by Frank Think There is always the danger when you go to a cheap book shop, that you get carried away and come out with a book that you really don’t need. Currently there are more books in the house, that sit on shelves, side tables and any other free […]