VSO Malawi


Raising money to support a volunteer trip to Malawi in action against HIV and AIDs.

Coast Boarding Part II


Photographs by Josephine Pollard When we sent our uber talented Josie to capture behind the scenes photos of the Coast Boarding shoot last month she gave us a load of goodies and we thought that was the end of it. Little did we know, not one for doing things the easy way, she had taken her […]

Photo Essay: Hastings


Photographs by Josephine Pollard Words by Billie Jenkins Hastings is a unique place. One of the most deprived constituencies in the country, a third of children live in poverty, the highest level in the South East. A seaside resort that never had a heyday, its coastline has all the archetypal eighties gaiety, maintained for the tourists but not […]

Photo Essay: Moments of The Grey City

Berlin Guide

Documentary photographer, Josephine Pollard, captures stolen moments of Germany’s grey city; from the tip of a building to torn away posters to the sideways glance of an unassuming passer-by. Her use of natural light injects extraordinary vibrancy and sense of romance into her photographs, demonstrating an interest in Berlin, beyond the Brandenburg Gate.  Photographs by […]

Eastbourne By Night


Photographs by Josephine Pollard Words Billie Jenkins And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now. Capturing quiet, suburban England during its quietest moments photographer Josie Pollard captures a stillness that is almost unnerving. Lights creep through windows and round corners so it feels as though someone were just there, as though Don’t […]

Coast Boarding

Skate Life feature template2

Photographs by Josephine Pollard Words by Billie Jenkins Coast Boarding was born on the cool, flat straights of the seaside promenade, where open space is king and the crowded city angles are forgotten. Toting the message #skateeverydamnday it champions the best brands, often imported straight from America. They offer clothes that share a laid back, […]

Bexhill: A Beautiful Town

Bexhill by Josephine Pollard

Words & Photography by Josephine Pollard I love to spend a day walking around a town where I have never been before, this is the best way to get to know somewhere. I spend hours walking up different roads, alleys, through parks which all lead me somewhere exciting and new. I carry my camera in […]