Where I Live

Kate BN

Words and Images by Kate Bailey-Neale I first moved to Germany on Erasmus. Heaving my bags containing my new life down the underground, observing the change of scenery on the plane and after some confusing conversations finally arriving at my destination on the train, I didn’t really think about the significance of what I was […]

Q&A: Winter Magazine

Winter Magazine

All images courtesy of A Mag For All Seasons Inspired by their city and the seasonal changes it goes through, Kevin Braddock, Kati Krause and Ana Lessing wanted to produce a single edition of a magazine, where they could experiment and illustrate some of these wonderful ideas. After enjoying the process so much, we are […]

Sunday Playlist: Berlin Special

Sunday Playlist Berlin

Playlist by Elizabeth Pollard For this week’s Sunday playlist, we bring you some of the best mixes from the home of techno and house. With genres like ‘liquid tech’ ‘bootleg’ and ‘indietronic’, this is definitely one for the comedown. So shut those blinds, close your eyes and let the music do the healing.



Words by Elizabeth Pollard Scattered all over the city, photoautomats are one of Berlin’s biggest tourist attractions. At 4 o’clock in the morning, on the corner of Skalitzer Straße, there is a queue to jump into a tiny box, drop €2 into the slot, negotiate puzzling you and your friends faces together and wait for […]

Soviet Footprint

Soviet footprint

West Berlin has its efficient trains, modern buildings and all night techno clubs. However, when I went on search for my grandma’s home almost sixty years after she left in East Berlin, I was surprised at the footprint the Soviets had left behind. Words and Photographs by Emma Hannoman My God, Help Me to Survive […]

Eat, Drink, Berlin

Eat drink berlin

Words by Shaun Cooney There are only three places in the world I could ever see myself living. I already live in one, have never visited the second and the third I can’t get enough of. Berlin, just like London and New York, has a place for everyone and a night out only like its […]

Q&A: Samuel J Davidson

sam d

Photographs by Samuel Davidson Samuel Davidson, curates beautiful, realist imagery into a his publication series, This Is The Same Ocean. A side project to his work as a photographer, these publications give a little insight into Davidson’s inspirations, aesthetic and approach to his work. Despite moving to Berlin from Melbourne, when we caught up with […]

The Woman: Mata Hari


Words by Billie Jenkins Mati Hari was the original Bond baddie. An exotic dancer and one of the most highly paid courtesans in Paris her clients included high profile military men and politicians. In WWI she began providing intel to the German government, unspeakably potent information was released on a regular basis, and it has […]

Q&A: Jay Wright

Berlin Guide2

All images Jay Wright Illustrator, Jay Wright, made the move to Berlin last year, after graduating from UWE Bristol. Whilst studying, he completed an exchange to the German capital after a little coaxing from his tutor. Now a full time illustrator, Jay credits his big break to his work being published in Anorak magazine, and […]

Photo Essay: Moments of The Grey City

Berlin Guide

Documentary photographer, Josephine Pollard, captures stolen moments of Germany’s grey city; from the tip of a building to torn away posters to the sideways glance of an unassuming passer-by. Her use of natural light injects extraordinary vibrancy and sense of romance into her photographs, demonstrating an interest in Berlin, beyond the Brandenburg Gate.  Photographs by […]