Undercroft: A Victory For Us All


Thursday saw the paperwork for saving the Southbank skaters finally released, but why does it matter?

5 Incredible Skate Films (and they’re not all what you think)

Skate films feature

Feature image; still from Dogtown & Z-Boys Words by Billie Jenkins This Ain’t California, 2012 – ’We were sick of marching and training and all that shit’ Documenting how skateboarding culture developed in West Germany, a place torn by war, borders and Soviet Union values, This Ain’t California is photographically lush and emotionally poignant. After […]

Radical Culture: Huck Magazine


Covers courtesy of Huck magazine Words by Elizabeth Pollard Surf, skate, snow magazine, Huck, began life in the hands of a young Danny Miller, who was on a mission to rescue his first job out of uni; Adrenalin magazine. Huck has moved on a little since it’s birth in 2006, whilst there is still an […]

7 Decks We Love

Deck art feature

Compiled by Billie Jenkins   From Calavera Comics, you won’t have to hide you face if your riding this black and white board. Gorilla Monsoon, also from Calavera Comics, showcases some sweet typography. Does a bear shit in the wood, no he Bear Fives. There are some pretty grim candy skull illustration knocking about out […]

Julien Lachaussée: 100% Skateboarder

Skate Life feature_Julien Lachaussée

Photographs by Julien Lachaussée (above) Boo Johnson Words by Elizabeth Pollard Parisian photographer, Julien Lachaussée, often captures alternative, street and rock cultures in his portraits. With most of his subjects shirtless and tattooed, it seems appropriate that he would capture some of skate industry’s most respected characters. In the series, 100% Skateboarder, we see the likes of […]

Skateboard Evolution

Kirsty Hopkins

Infographic by Kirsty Hopkins Graphic designer, Kirsty Hopkins, observes the history of the skateboard. Through style and technique trends, the deck has come along way in 50 years. See more of Kirsty’s work in our Directory here

Q&A: The Pretzel Company

The Pretzel Co

All images courtesy of The Pretzel Company The inspiringly curious designer and entrepreneur, Jack Gooch, talks to us about the journey, motivations and future of snowboarding clothing brand; The Pretzel Company. What is The Pretzel Co.? ‘The Pretzel Co.’ Is a lifestyle brand that aims to target the snowboard market. The name and concept is […]

Zine Culture: Mark Gonzales

julien lachaussée

(above) Photograph by Julien Lachaussée Words by Elizabeth Pollard Skateboarding legend, Mark Gonzales, has been producing art for almost forty years; which in my mind categorises him as one of history’s greats. Ok granted, that would have made him 5 years old, but if you’re familiar with his work, he has developed a style that emulates […]

Recreating Dogtown

Skate Life Jude Lilley

Photographs By Jude Lilley From Brighton photographer Jude Lilley, this photo project pushes to combine the old school, Lord of Dogtown style with modern skateboarding. Using a Canon EOS Film camera and a wide-angle/fisheye lens he creates really strong, crisp images in keeping with a traditional skateboarding style, which really capture the shape and momentum […]

Skaters in NYC

Bill Eppridge

Words by Billie Jenkins In the sixties Life magazine commissioned photographer Bill Eppridge to capture the relatively new skating scene in New York. Although the subjects aren’t the always the coolest kids his collection offers a revealing insight into the craze that was sweeping the country in all it’s awkward glory. A strange combination of […]