Writing: Why We Do It


Guest writer, Kerry Flint, breaks down the joys and growing pains of getting your writing out into the world.

Stunning Literature on Chipotle’s Cups

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Words by Billie Jenkins, Jonathan Safran Foer and Toni Morrison How often do we find ourselves in the spaces between things happening to us, where out bodies need feeding, resting, or simply being in a certain place at a certain time for future events to take place as we wish them to? Waiting for travel connections, a friend […]

Exhibition: Tattoo, Paris


Words by Billie Jenkins Peter Greenway’s Pillow Book, is named so for the haunting pages made from the calligraphy covered skin of a dead man, written by one lover and owned by another. The film captures a crossover between the pleasure of beautiful calligraphy and the potency of lust and love. It was an exciting […]