The Yaba Epidemic

Thailand Pursues Massive - And Deadly - Crack Down On Ya Ba Users On January 3Rd, 2003 In Bangkok, Thailand.

Yaba is a drug heavily circulating Eastern Asia for the last twenty five years and despite international enforcement, it is still a huge problem in countries like Thailand and Bangladesh.

Gentrification and the Bohemians


Who is to blame for the gentrification of Peckham and is it really such a bad thing afterall?

National Gallery Lifts Photography Ban


The leading London gallery lifts its ban on photography, but is that really good thing?

A Silken Life


Poetry about the philosophy of life by the enigmatic, Frank Think

Is Vegetarianism A Religion?


Is vegetarianism and veganism a religion, philosophical practice, or fashionable trend?

Jake Chapman says Parents shouldn’t take their kids to galleries


Chapman say parents shouldn’t take their kids to galleries. Boring controversy follows.

Skinheads Italia


Words by Billie Jenkins Images courtesy of Paolo Marchetti It is something we often choose to ignore, yet the reality is fearful. It was not until UKIP exceeded all expectations that I opened my eyes to the real, right wing sympathies growing on my home soil. I thought it was something drunkenly muttered in the […]

Ban on Heels


Words by Billie Jenkins Photograph by Nuria Cabrera Friend of the Kremlin and all round Bond Baddie material Oleg Mikheyev (of unresolved embezzlement trails and obstructing justice fame), has made a fresh wave of enemies in the women of Russia. Oleg holds a parliamentary seat in a country where social cohesion is at boiling point, […]

Fat kids and Fashion

Street Style - London Collections: Men SS15

#450920692 / Words by Billie Jenkins There are moments when someone drunkenly makes a contribution to a late night argument that is so off-point and misinformed that all who caught wind of it hold their breathe waiting to see who is going to pull the trigger of common sense, and in doing so take […]

The Family That Walks On All Fours


The scientific and religious communities are baffled by the family that walk on all fours.
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