The Hard Questions: Corinne & The Adult Industry

Corinne& the adult indstry

Words by Billie Jenkins This time around a year ago I was potentially one of the only people anticipating the Bret Eastern Ellis directed release of ‘The Canyons’. Toted as part B-movie pastiche, part cinematic expression of the wasted youth and rich kids of the West Coast prevalent in may of Ellis’s work it just […]

Respond: The Politics of Interns

Corinne And

Words by Elizabeth Pollard In last Friday’s Evening Standard, the mighty Philip Green was interviewed about his entrepreneurial success, his relationship with Kate Moss and Arcadia’s new scheme to introduce retail education into schools… to put it in layman’s terms, he got in trouble for his mis use of interns so has decided to target […]

A Response: We Need To Talk About Imposterism


Words by Elizabeth Pollard In this month’s ELLE Magazine, Victoria Coren talks about how women are “twice as likely as men to ‘downshift’ (aspire to high-status job, then adjust their ambitions to aim lower).” She talks about research that has been carried out in the US by Jessica L. Collett and Jade Avelis about women […]