Chet Faker

img-chet-faker_170044383239Photograph courtesy of Interview Magazine Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Australian musician, Chet Faker, has been building a small but very faithful following over the last couple of years. Signing to a US label in 2012, he has been building momentum in the industry and with his fans, before the release of his debut album, Built on Glass, this year. A cool summer sound that manages to suit both a chilled and club environment, Faker combines soulful voice and lyrics with electronic production, ensuring his sound doesn’t cross that ‘retro’ line.

Faker cites jazz musician, Chet Baker, as one of his greatest influences and the inspiration for his stage name. Born, Nick Murphey; “I listened to a lot of jazz and I was a big fan of … the way he sang, when he moved into mainstream singing. He had this really fragile vocal style—this really, broken, close-up and intimate style. The name is kind of just an ode to Chet Baker and the mood of music he used to play—something I would like to at least pay homage to in my own music.”

Having played analogue and digital instruments for nearly 10 years (he’s 24), it’s no surprise that Faker is the 21st century version of a one-man-band. Singer, songwriter, musician and producer, means that he has complete awareness and control of the music he puts out and can challenge the music that inspires him to create a fresh, contemporary sound.

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