2Words and images by Billie Jenkins

Since the birth of Corinne& I have become increasing preoccupied with the idea of collections. So much time has been invested collecting together words, ideas, people and pictures. In a sense I feel as if my role is one of curator rather than writer or editor, bringing together things which are similar and vastly different under the same umbrella, be it a single idea, colour, style or nuance. This preoccupation crept into my other interest, collage, and so I began for no clear reason collecting images which showed shapes however straightforward or abstract. Here is the first series ‘Circles’. I’m sure my boyfriend would love to hear that this spells the end of hundreds of tiny scraps of paper floating around the house, but it feels like a project that will just keep growing for nothing more than my personal pleasure. It’s just to satisfying to see them so neatly lined up.





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