Coffee 2.0

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 23.51.36
Image courtesy of Fix-126 (our favourite hotspot for a flat white)
Words by Shaun Cooney

Not so long ago a ‘fancy’ coffee was a latte with a leaf on top and we didn’t much care where we got a cup. We were all happy with filter coffee and the Nescafe machine in the office did as good job as any. But now every office needs a Nespresso machine, every Tesco Express needs a Costa coffee machine, even McDonalds are serving up artisanal coffees and frappes.

So what changed? Is it a coffee shop on every corner and two more between them? Has Starbucks brainwashed us into believing that filter coffee is the devil and we need every combination of coffee, milk and syrup to get our day off to the right start?

But to tell the truth, I want a good coffee, I need good beans, perfect milk and a work of art depicted on the top. With more and more independent roasters, coffee shops opening up all over London finding a good cup of hot steaming Joe couldn’t be easier and enjoying it in a beautiful, unique and personal space makes it taste even better.


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