Founder & Creative Director

Elizabeth is a London based graphic designer who is passionate about typography, print, music and style. She takes all her photos on a Nikon L35 AF which means most of the time she doesn’t see the results of her snapping for up to a year after they’ve been taken. She feels most at home dancing in fields at festivals, with a pint in hand at her Peckham local or in Muji… buying notebooks.

Founder & Editorial Director

Billie Jenkins says she reads the papers but actually just flicks straight to the trashier sections and uses the rest to make collages. She does writing, and somehow manages to tread the line between being too politically correct and quite rude, which gets her into a lot of drunken arguments. She once streaked London Bridge, but unfortunately the only remaining copy of the film is stored on a hard drive at her dads work and she is too scared to retrieve it. Her first published short story, Three Traces, is available at

Food & Drink Writer

Shaun Cooney is the bar manager at one of Camberwell’s most distinguished restaurant bars, The Crooked Well. He has a passion for finding new, exciting food trends and getting tipsy on Old Fashioned’s. He will be writing for Corinne& to take some time out from his main interest, googleing Alex Turner.

Social Commentator

Offering considered thoughts about the world that surrounds us, Frank Think’s writing is refreshing not least because it reflects without scepticism. With many lives lived its a wonder he’s here to share it with us and not living in a camper van  out in the wilderness, working as a roadie for Neil Young, or doing something vague and important for the U.N. But then maybe he is…


One of the bravest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rose Clayton combines a talent for capturing photographs which recognise the beautiful, interesting and challenging in equal measure, with a drive to represent those people, moments and places which need a voice. From the borders of Palestine, abandoned spaces, quiet villages across the world, and her nan’s house she offers a glimpse into her journeys.


If you go anywhere with Josie it isn’t long before you lose her. After retracing your steps you inevitably find her squinting through her camera at a peaceful looking pensioner or beautifully angled building. Even better, she’s the first to get the tequilas in when you finally make it to the pub. She has stated her life would be complete if National Geographic employed her as a photographer, we secretly don’t want them to steal her from us.
See her directory post here.

Knitwear Designer

Lucy is a British knitwear designer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. From English summers to the Big Apple, from art to music, Lucy’s writing gives you insight into her style and inspirations for her work in womenswear as well as being our eyes and ears across the pond.
See her directory post here.


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