Diggie Vitt

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Words by Billie Jenkins Images by Diggie Vitt

The 365 project is a fantastic idea, but the constraints of producing a photograph a day are something which can lead to a lot of less than exciting pictures of sunsets, clocks and architecture. If you google the it ‘The 365 Project ruined my creativity’ is a top hit. Not Diggie Vitt though, across his year working under its rules, which he combined with a seven month road trip across America, he has consistently produced surreal artwork with high production demands. For 365 days he was putting out the kind of images it would take us a week to organise and achieve. At the bottom of the Kickstarter page he used to organise the funds for his trip he explains ‘I will be mostly staying in my car or in the homes of people I meet along the way’. The man must be a wizard. Between the highly staged work he made everyday, and the conditions he lived through, so much has been achieved. Oh and he’s 22 years old. We can only anticipate someone with such creativity and drive is on the way up. But for now enjoy these images.

Check out more of his work at diggievitt.tumblr.com or www.flickr.com/photos/diggievitt

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