Dining Al Fresco

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Words by Shaun Cooney

When the weather is at its best there no better way to enjoy a bottle of rose and squid salad than outside in the sun. Never can I man feel cooler than in some tailored shorts, ray bans and a glass of wine. But trying to find the perfect spot to do this can prove more difficult than the choice of shorts.

You can end up in children’s play ground surrounded by fag ends or sitting in the middle of a busy road chocking down petrol fumes all in the name of chasing summer sun. But when you find the perfect combination of good food, nice outdoors and perfect wine then you know your in for a winner.

Sitting on the top of a Peckham car park at Franks Bar, the sun soaked terrace of the Greenwich Meantime Brewery or laid out on one of the loungers at the castle in tooting a glass of rose can be the best way to cool down in the summer sun. Now this may sound a little ‘girly’, but only in the past month has my perception of rose has been blown out of the water. Rose can be full-bodied, full of fruit scents and beautifully dry on the palate. My favourite of the moment has to be a glass of Sancerre rose.

So I say grab a bottle, find the perfect out door spot to enjoy the summer sun while it’s here.

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