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Final Collection: September New York Fashion Week. Date TBC

From Kingston to Brooklyn, Alice Early has come a long way from her Kingston University Fashion Design roots, with work for Sienna and Savannah Miller’s brand Twenty8Twelve, and a two year stint on Paul Smith’s Womenswear team under her belt already. Vogue Italia calls her style ’intense’ and ’timeless’, and true to the words her pieces are a combination of beautiful fabrics, classic silhouettes and stunning attention to detail. A move to New York to take on a scholarship at Parsons New School for Design, and the experiences it has brought, have created fresh perspectives and opportunities for Early, so we can only hope to see more incredible work coming soon.

How would you describe what you do?
Concept driven womenswear designer. I design garments that are relaxed, seductive and have a classic feeling all at the same time.  I aim to create a clear impression of my character and the process of my work in the final pieces. I have a holistic approach to design, working with material, cut, colour and texture simultaneously to inform one process to the next.

What do you feel is the most important thing about your work?
It’s precious un-preciousness. I want people to enjoy my work, wear it, use it. I design beautiful, well made garments out of quality materials but I want my friends and the people I want to wear my pieces to feel comfortable and infuse their own character and styling into my work. The pieces should be made people’s own yet still carry my design aesthetic of strong line and shape.

What keeps you motivated to create, and keep creating work?
Fascination, interest in ideas. I like working on projects and developing concepts and transforming my own world through exploring. I dont always materialise my concepts but I like reading about design process and systems of design and thinking about how we could contextualise visionary design in the future.

Where do you see your work heading in the next twelve months?
In September 2015 I will be showing my Final Collection from my MFA at New York Fashion Week. I will be working on this as well as a project for the Kering Group until then.

Who, what, where or how do you get your first inspirations?
I take myself out of the studio and observe people. It is amazing how many conversations take place when you are not pressuring a creative response. Just absorbing your environment, surrounding yourself by people who are doing exciting projects, in art, design, film, music, theatre. One of my most successful projects came off the back of stumbling across a sustainable design project and recording all the conversations that took place including a significant time spent with a homeless man called George.

‘True because George Believes’

George ManifestoBlack





What has been your biggest success, or source of pride?
Being offered a scholarship to take a place on the MFA Fashion Design and Society course at Parsons New School for Design and making the move to New York. The jump from the familiar security of home, friends, family and routine  to the questioning, challenging and constant shifting state of mind whilst being a flaneur of New York has resulted in bizarre experiences, opportunities and general chaos that I would not have found in London.

What do you think are the important issues facing yourself, and your industry at the moment?
The industry is so heavily saturated with wannabe designers and creatives. The challenge is separating yourself from the mass. Although the fashion industry as a business is at an all time low, it is at the same time a great opportunity to design a new way of thinking about fashion, design process and platforms for presentation and accessibility. The consumer of the 21st century has been trained to think of fashion as a throw away item. As the speed of life escalates as does the relationships you have with your material goods. There is a great opportunity for new systems of design to be developed and tap into the consumer psychology of value.

Have any relationships, friendships, business or otherwise, been significant in shaping your work as it is now?
Fortunately I have a very inspirational family. James my brother is part of an Art Collective based in Peckham, London, called Lucky PDF. We have extensive conversations surrounding concepts of design, future platforms and that feeling of excruciating discomfort surrounding ideation being the positive force that propels an idea. My sister Florence is one of those characters where you simply cannot establish how she came up with an idea or vision. She is a constant source of inspiration as she has no boundaries. Everything is valid.

What is your favourite word?
PLAY – it implies inhibition, possibility and chance. If you think about what you do as playing then there is no right or wrong, no judgement and no rules. I always start a project by playing with ideas, creating my own process to develop my research techniques.

And finally, who should Corinne& be profiling next?
It’s a family business:
James Early@Lucky PDF; Concept driven creative working on multiple platforms.
Florence Early; Photographer and recent graduate of Falmouth University, watch this space!


Designer Alice Early Sponsored by Mokuba
Photography  Mario Zanaria
Hair and Makeup Spanky L.Aguirre
Model Victoria Robinson @ Marilyn Agency New York
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