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Adam fought his way through Central Saint Martins, and since graduating last year has already worked with an exciting array of clients, including covers for Harper Collins. Working in print and web design he has a clean, simple style frequently punctuated with bold colour and shapes. It all started with a humble Aliyah fan site (we say humble, it was one of the biggest Aliyah fan sites that was out there) and now he is building a career on creating really fresh web design for others. With a big passion for print Adam’s worked shows how a developed, recognisable style can be diversely applied.

How would you describe what you do?
Calling myself a Graphic Designer makes me cringe a little inside. The label ‘graphic designer’ seems to be attached to anybody with access to programs such as Photoshop and the ability to parrot trends. There is already enough shit in the world and I don’t want to add to it. So, as a visual communicator I enjoy exploring different techniques, including digital and physical, so each project is not constricted by a specialist routine or tools from the outset but can develop freely into whatever is most appropriate. I’m currently expanding my design vocabulary by learning animation techniques, Family Guy style!

What do you feel is the most important thing about your work?
Trying to make sure my work has purpose. When I start a project my first thoughts are usually to consider how I relate to subject, what is its purpose and what I hope to achieve. If it runs out of steam before actual production it’s usually for the best.

What keeps you motivated to create, and keep creating work?
I lose motivation on a regular basis but my belief is when it comes to design you can’t force that “Eureka!” moment. My motivation to create comes from not creating for its own sake. If a project is beating me then it’s best to move away from it and return with fresh eyes. If I want my work to have purpose I have to allow that purpose to emerge, usually from my experiences of the world.

Where do you see your work heading in the next twelve months?
Future me will let you know in twelve months time! Right now, I am developing an animated cat and a children’s book.

Who, what, where or how do you get your first inspirations?
This stems from finding my ‘motivation’ by removing myself from design work and learning to absorb the world and situations around me. Inspiration is everywhere at all times! It’s just a case of opening our minds and being receptive. I find design blogs, talks and ‘how to’/’best of’ books can be detrimental to anyone looking to find their own way in visual communication as they are too prescriptive.

What has been your biggest success, or source of pride?
My biggest success is my recent involvement on the Brian Cox ‘Wonders of Life’ app with Harper Collins. The app was chosen as ‘editors choice’ in the iTunes store, getting a main title feature and all… well proud. Designing covers for various eBooks and printed books through the same publisher was a great experience also.

What do you think are the important issues facing yourself, and your industry at the moment?
The ‘graphic designer’ label has been attached to anything and everything, including automated packages and websites where inputted data is made to look designed. I think the title ‘graphic designer’ is attached to anyone who can slap together something resembling a logo. There needs to be some deeper consideration in order to communicate something more substantial. The industry also develops incredibly quickly! It’s exciting yet frightening at the same time.

Have any relationships, friendships, business or otherwise, been significant in shaping your work as it is now?
Actual education at Central Saint Martins was frustratingly scarce but eye opening all at once. In my opinion, the institute is just that, a capitalist institution concerned with making money that has inevitably lead to a decrease in moral responsibility towards teaching, which was only done part time and once a week. It felt the teachers had an agenda that conflicted with the welfare and teaching of students, yet CSM allowed me time and space to develop my own style and understand that my voice comes through my experiences of the world. Thank god for actual talented students attending as there wouldn’t have been much benefit to graduating.

What is your favourite word?
I’ve always had a fascination with the word ‘contagious’. I’m not sure why!

What would you do with the perfect Sunday afternoon?
It would be a beautiful sunny day with my boyfriend and a small handful of friends drinking wine and smoking cigarettes next to a pool.

And finally, who should Corinne& be profiling next?
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