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Sounds of Harlowe deliver one of the most entertaining, dynamic and high energy live sets you’re likely to find.

Formed in early 2011, the eclectic live hip-hop collective blend elements of R&B and soul into their music, resulting in a unique sound. Consisting of powerful beats, funky grooves and smooth vocals, the bands signature brand of music has wowed fans across the UK.

The past year has seen the band go from strength to strength, playing prestigious venues such as The Jazz Café in London, Moles Club in Bath, and Beach Break Live in Newquay. As well as playing alongside popular live acts such as Gentleman’s Dub Club, Yes Sir Boss, Lazy Habits, even supporting comedy hip-hop crew Goldie Lookin’ Chain, SOH have been proving their mettle for providing memorable live performances.

It’s clear to see the band vibe off of each other. A genuine love for the music they make combined with a real passion for live performance results in shows full of crowd interaction and raised roofs.

How would you describe what you do?
Make good music that speaks to us all really. You know it’s right when you gravitate towards it.

What do you feel is the most important thing about your work?
For me it’s the human connection. The fact that people can appreciate what you do and take joy from it is super powerful. Seeing smiling faces at every show we play is such a positive thing. Amazing feeling.

What keeps you motivated to create and to keep creating work?
Pretty much everything. We’re definitely a creative group of people and we feel privileged to have such powerful outlet for that expression. One thing that always drives me is the simple enjoyment that comes from turning a concept into something tangible. A ‘thing’ of any kind.

Where do you see your work going in the next twelve months?
I envision us playing to bigger crowds, massively increasing our fan-base and making some great music. Just realising way more of our full potential basically. I truly believe in what we do and us as a collective. Only good things can come from that.

Who, what or where do you get your first source of inspiration?
“Influence is akin to Influenza”. The start of a verse I’m currently writing which relates a lot to this question. I see them as being very similar as to where you could ‘catch’ or be ‘infected’ by them.

You could have been on the bus a week or so back and an innocuous sneeze from another passenger leaves you feeling shit today. Much in the same way that a certain lyric, flow, riff, melody, idea etc etc that you heard months ago can manifest itself in your work today. Most times you won’t even know where that comes from, or that you’ve even done it. That’s the beauty of it. Creative people will be drawn to that which speaks to them and let it in. You block out the bullshit and open your heart, mind and soul to the things you genuinely connect with.

Biggest success or source of pride?
Done some cool stuff. Played some dope venues, places with real history like The Jazz cafe and Proud Camden. Amazing experiences.

But probably more so than that, just the fact that we get to do what we do. We’re far from where we want to be and things will get bigger, but I always try to keep in mind that the people ‘above’ you in terms of prestige, status or notoriety pales in comparison the the number of people who would love to be where you are, but just might not have had that opportunity yet. Can’t take our privilege for granted.

What are the important issues facing yourself and the industry at moment?
Issues facing ourselves. Still growing as a band and as people really. Learning the best ways to work together, which is always more challenging in larger groups, and not letting the pressures of work and earning a living stop us from pursuing our passions.

Issues in the industry. Just need to get back to the days when the ‘successful’ musicians weren’t the product of a calculated, formulaic approach. Let’s get to the point where the ‘mainstream’ (and I hate using that term) is full of real talent and heart once more.

Favourite word?
It’s funny, we’ve had this conversation in the band a few times. Being the highbrow wordplay geek that I am, I always maintain that I don’t have a single favourite. Some are especially nice to rhyme with, but in general I find it’s the combination of words that can make them great together. In complete contrast, Chris’s (our saxophonist) favourite word is flannel.

What would you do on a perfect Sunday afternoon?
In all honesty, play a show to a hyper rowdy crowd at a festival somewhere and then spend the remainder of the day getting outrageously drunk and doing a few naughty things (I’ll leave that to the readers discretion). Peace.

And finally who should Corrine& be profiling next?
A band we’ve played with before called Youth Club. Their latest E.P has shot through the iTunes Charts of late. Expect big things from them in the future.